Saturday, July 21, 2007

Inches away and the Penoi is no more

Last tuesday i had an accident and just an inches away, then the Penoi is no more. It all started when Boy dapa and me decided to take our morning bath in the office coz our landlord failed again to turn on our water supply. I was the first one to take the shower, but i failed to notice that my feet still had soap in it and all i can remember was my head bangs on the railings of the showers sliding door. I rushed myself to Makati Medical Center, and luckily, my company already gave its probationary employees Value Care Health card. The card saves me Php6k on the "glue" that holds the cut in the back of my head instead of stitching it.
One lesson i learned, live your life to the fullest, not worrying too much on our problem. We will never know when we will face our death.

rak en roll!!!!

Nikon D40X

four months ago, Nikon announced D40, and now they have D40X with just a external physical difference and a 10MP versus its predecessor D40. Oh well, im eager to have my own DSLR camera.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

horny for the day

we have a sports activity at the office. i've signed up in basketball, tennis and bowling activity. i dont know how to play basketball, i dont know how to play tennis and even in bowling. in short, i dont know anything about sports. but if "mountain climbing" is considered as sport, then it is the only sport i know.

im contemplating in buying Nikon D40 entry-level DSLR camera. i love photo shooting and want to be serious in the field of digital photography.

so the key for the week: TIPID!!! TIPID!!! TIPID!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Paradise Philippines

The competition for the new SEO contest is so tight. It might be because of the SEO boom here in the philippines. i dont know if i will be at least at the top 100 coz i will not have that time to optimize my Paradise Philippines blog. My current job requires my 100% time :)

The key for now: Time Management!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Naruto permanently dropped by Dattebayo???

Will dattebayo stops the fansubs of Naruto???? Well, its time to learn Japanese language!!!!

Guess what. Profits are down again, Pokemon ratings are dropping faster than iPhone sales, and since we were refused entry to Otakon, we need to get into 20 other less relevant anime cons, and most importantly - Naruto and Bleach keep showing up on Youtube and other crap video upload sites regularly, so here's the deal: Pokemon reaches 100k downloads per episode within 24 hours, or else Naruto is permanently dropped*.

You heard it here first.

*Note: Only the English, French, and Portuguese-Brazilian versions of Naruto will be dropped. We will still release the Hebrew sub.

Dattebayo Staff