Saturday, December 29, 2007

When your TIN is not Good enough

google adsense western unionI was happy when Google added Western Union Quick Cash to deliver earnings and speed up Adsense payments. This morning i went to a Western Union Center here in Batangas to get my earnings. I have Social Security System(SSS) id and Tax Identification Number(TIN) card but they said that my TIN card is not a valid government issued ID card.  Ok,  let me enumerate some of Western Union's so called valid government issued card.

Philippine Regulation Commission(PRC) card - not all people take PRC board exams

Government Service Insurance System(GSIS) card - hey not all people are government employees

Land Transportation Office (LTO) Driver's License - not all people know how to drive

Passport - is passport an identification card??? not all people wants to go abroad

I still believe and campaigning that our TIN card to be considered as a valid government issued ID because it is one of the many proofs that you pay your taxes(?).


rachel said...

puso mo... hehehe...

marhgil said...

tama ka, dapat, pwede ang TIN card.

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cybert87 said...

hehehe! you're right.

What about Voter's ID? is it a Valid Government ID? SSS ID (I am not sure if this is a Government Issued ID or just a private one, but think WU honored it.)? POSTAL ID (i dunno if every People of the Phils can have this)?

TIN Card is easy to alter or clone and that's maybe the reason why there are so many stablishment like WU and Banks doesn't honored the said card.