Saturday, October 15, 2011

Phone Scam claiming from Microsoft

beware of this scam, i just received a call claiming they are from microsoft and said that my computer was sending malicious info in the net. Curiously, i removed my network connection(for safety reason) and followed their instruction..they asked me to go to the Event Viewer and asked if theres any error.. obviously there wil be erros in windows.they requested me to delete the error logs.. obviously i wasnt able to delete the logs.. after that he told me that a microsoft certified technician will scan my computer online by opening something which irritates me.. if theres any issues with my pc.. i will deal with it.. i can reformat anytime or use Linux.. and i dont want microsoft support to mess around with my pc.. the caller even says that if there will be any problem with my computer, it will not be Microsoft's fault.. to hell Microsoft cares???i hung up the phone.

Did some research on this scam and found the following sites.. please be warned and this kind of modus operandi is still on the loose