Friday, April 10, 2009

Wedding Preparations and Invites

Wedding Invitations

Ah after months of non-stop preparations, finally, its about time to reach the peak. Rachel getting Married, errr not the movie.. But Rachel and i will finally take our vows before our Lord. Life is so fun!!! We accept cash as wedding gifts, hehehehe... will post wedding pictures soon!!!! Stay tuned!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Maid from Hell

Beware of entrusting your child to other people.  This video is disturbing....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Singapore First Pinoy Music Festival(and maybe the last)

Ah, my post for this event is so late. Happened last March 1 at the Marquee Singapore. Show starts at around 11:30 pm featuring the hottest band in the Philippines!!! 6Cyclemind, Afterimage, Bamboo, Imago, Razorback, Sandwich, Siakol and the Dawn. Sad thing Kamikazee, Parokya ni Edgar, Moonstar 88, and The Youth did not make it. The ticket lady said that they were already in Singapore but Singapore Immigration holds them(??).  But there were buzz that because of the low turnout of ticket sales other bands appearance was canceled.

As Jet Pangan quote before playing "Iisang Bangka".... "Tayong lahat dito ay kasya sa isang maliit na bangka!!!!" and Raimund Marasigan's "Sa susunod na punta dito ng Sandwich, kaya naming punuin ito!!!"

Sad but true. Maybe wrong advertisement and marketing or just an effect of recession. Btw, this concert was the farewell gig for After Image, disbanding for the 2nd time. Wency Cornejo was so emotional while singing "Mangarap Ka" :(