Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop Michael Jackson died

Shocking news!!! King of Pop Michael jackson dies in a Los Angeles hospital. Cause of death still unknown.  More info at GMAnews

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Effect of Global Warming?

My native home town in San Pascual Batangas was hit by a tornado with hailstorm.  I could not imagine, not even in this lifetime that our town will experience snow(as the local folks believe in) Is this the effect of global warming? Where places that do not experience tornado has now tornado, places that do not experience typhoons, now experience typhoons, etc. So much for Knowing-like movies for me.

More stories at Abs-cbn News

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kantaris Media Player : Alternative to VLC

While looking for an alternative to VLC, i stumbled upon Kantaris a new media player.  Kantaris is a media player based from the source code of Videolan Client VLC and Bass audio library. It has cool 3d menu,, cool movie trailer and 3d video library. Also, kantaris support mp3, dvd and cd audio playing(search amazon and for cd covers and info).

Video Library for your locally saved movies. It searches IMDB database for movie covers and information

3D Movie Trailers

3D Menu

Kantaris media player is still on the early stage and have bugs but i can't wait for the final release.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TV galore!!!

We are contemplating to replace our borrowed TV. At first we are puzzled if we go for PLASMA TV or a LCD TV.  For some obvious reasons like power consumption, good gaming experience, price, etc. we opted for LCD TV. But now here's the deal, we are confused if we will go for Samsung LCD TV Series 5(around SGD1,900 for 40inches), or pay an extra bucks for Samsung LCD TV Series 6(around SGD2,700 40inches). Both have free DVD Home Theater system or a 21inches Flat TV.

I researched for the pros and con and found some interesting reviews from ProductWiki. Although im convinced(financially) on Series 5, my wife wants Series6 because of the Crystal Clear capability of that product line of LCD TV. Oh well, let see what happens.