Monday, March 31, 2008

Configuring ssh and rsync in DLINK DNS-323

1. Download and untar funplug(i have problems with 0.4 version cause there's no in the package file)

2. Copy fun_plug and fun_plug.tar into Volume_1 of Dlink DNS-323

3. Restart Dlink DNS-323

4. Telnet to your DNS 323

#cd /mnt/HD_a2/fun_plug.d/start

#sh start

5. Set your root account

#echo "root::0:0:99999:7:::" >>/etc/shadow
#passwd root

6. Test first your ssh access with the new password

7. Store your root password


8. Configure your and to start at bootup

#chmod a+x

#chmod a+x

9. Disable insecure telnet

#chmod a-x

10. Restart your DNS-323


Paul said...

This does work fine with funplug 0.4, if you install the dropbear files which are available from:

(just unzip and put the files into bin and start)

I did this for dropbear, and assume it will also work for rsyncd, which i didn't try.

One more thing. Instead of:

#chmod a-x


#chmod a-x

in funplug 0.4

Patrick Ryan said...

I'm trying to get my ReadyNAS NV+ to back up to my DNS-323 over the internet, and kept getting oddball failures when I used ftp, so I thought I'd try rsync. I've installed fun_plug and enabled rsync, but I don't know where to go from here. Do I need to create a userID for the ReadyNAS? I assume using root is a bit of a security hole? As well, the ReadyNAS suggests that the path to the host be in the form "host::module/path" - what should I use as "module"?