Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where's the updates??

There's no significant things that are happening right now in my life. Celebrated my birthday, but it seems nobody cares.... hehehe... bought ice cream and dunkin donuts for the kids and not-so young at heart. Pepsi Max and Jolibee Hotdog with boy dapa at our boarding house... well, all in bday celebration was simple... and i like it that way..
Recently watched the 2nd night of the Wolfgang and Razorback reunion concert titled "Alive 2007"... the title sounds kinda Pearl Jam concert to me... enyweiz, watch out for the CD/DVD album of the said concert to be release on April 2007. No, you wont see me on the dvd... Camera Shy ako eh!!!
We are still fighting for our Ituloy angsulong !!!!

New CD bought : "Sugar Free's Tala-arawan Album"

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