Sunday, November 5, 2006

Busted Computer | UFO in the Sky | Ozzy Talking | Drinking Session with Highschool Friends

Please take computers away from me on weekends!!!! My 4year-old computer got busted yesterday. Have to save every penny to buy myself a new computer for personal use, and another one for a business purpose. So no tv on our Boy Dapa's pad(?).

i've started reading "Ozzy Talking". Its all about famous interview lines from the Black Sabbath front man Ozzy Osbourne. Im kinda "Paranoid" these days.
i had a drinking session with my high school friends. And damn, they were so successfull. My kumpare had this 2million+ and counting worth of house!!!

" and how about you penoi?"

"well, i have ipod nano which i got 50% off"


potpot said...

hui penoi.. abah.. rubbing elbows ka pala kyla ozzy osbourne.. hahhaa.. :) lol

sasha said...


Iba ka talaga, pre! Ipod nano? Hahaha


Anonymous said...

wah! I'm late...confuse ako...dami mo site? hahaa!!...ipod nano...I'd bought one yesterday in SG...but it's a synergy...better features than nano...ang cool...mura lang haha!

penoi said...

ay... nang-iingget si nona!!! huhuhuhu