Sunday, September 9, 2007

Is ABS-CBN using Dattebayo Naruto Fansubs

Dattebayo trolled by Filipino Television (or not)


Dattebayo World Headquarters
Gnaa, Nigeria

So, a few weeks ago there was a comment in our feedback from someone who said "LOL LOOK FILIPINO TELEVISION IS USING YOUR FANSUBS TO DUB STUFF".

The message originally linked to , but there seem to be about 20 other copies of the same thing (typical JewTube crap). In there, there's a logo for ABS-CBN TV station, with our Shippuuden opening playing, with karaoke cut out, and tagalog subtitles and music replacing Japanese.

Being a gullible bunch of trolls that we are, we took it literally and put a little message at the end of our Shippuuden episode 26, something long the lines of "LOL @ FILIPINO TV".

And then the fun started. We got accused of being racist, homosexual, insensitive, and disrespectful. Here's a little sample of the kind of threats we got from REAL Filipinos:

i must say that i am not unaware of dattebayo's insensitivity to other people's feelings, and that you would go to as far as sporting a lie just to cover up for your indescretion; take for example as what you did with the victims of VTech massacre. you not only disrespected the bereaved families and friends of the victims, but you made a mockery out of their misfortune. if you could do this to the dead, there is more reason to believe that you could do this to third world citizens?

After much lolling, Dattebayo ex-member 'timecop' decided to take this matter in his own hands and post a public apology to all Filipinos, ABS-CBN TV, and anyone else who was hurt or saddened by the comment in episode 26.

About Dattebayo:

Dattebayo is the world's most recognized fansubbing group, with over 500,000 unique views of its products per week.

About Philipines:

Third world country according to their own inhabitants. For more information, see
Im shocked to read this in Dattebayo. If this is true, ABS-CBN must give an apology to Dattebayo. We Filipinos love anime, we also love to have our Tagalized-version of the anime. But we must not tolerate this unfair act from ABS-CBN.

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