Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Microsoft Windows Vista on Laptops

microsoft windows vista
Reactions on our new company issued laptops installed with Microsoft Windows Vista Basic Edition

"Vista sucks!!!!"

"i hate Vista!!!"

"VNC does'nt run on Vista!!!"

"who's idea is this???"

"we should use Windows XP instead!!!"

"Vista?? what vista??"

"ohhh cool icons!!!! ooopppsss, i cant install my apps, it does not support Vista"


gwapasila said...

halo, thanks for the tag back..and I will add you ofcourse to my friendlist.hope u can add me here too....

I am using Vista now and so far so good....and still elarning about this crap too..hehehe. Add me here okay. TC and see you again soon.

gwapasila said...

Added u already...Dont Forget to add me here .