Monday, September 7, 2009

NU Rock Awards 2009 Vote

Next year is our National Election, but for now, go register and cast your vote to NU Rock Awards 2009

Here's my pick for this year's Rock awards

1. Artist of the Year
2. Album of the Year

3. Vocalist of the Year
Ebe Dancel

4. Guitarist of the Year
Manuel Legarda

5. Bassist of the Year
Buddy Zabala

6. Drummer of the Year
JB Leonor

7. Song of the Year
Hay Buhay

8. Best New Artist

9. Best Album Packaging
Mornings and Airports(Sugarfree)

10. Best Music Video
Ibrahim (Wolfgang)

11. Producer of the Year
Manuel Legarda

12. Smart / URock
College Band of the Year

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