Tuesday, September 26, 2006

1st Philippine Blogcon 2006

The 1st Philippine Blogcon 2006 sponsored by Globe was a successfull one. The presentation was awesome, giving tips and tricks to blog enthusiasts.
Kukote and Penoi went to National Sports Grill on Greenbelt, hoping for libre food, drinks and chicks.

The food was a standout!!!!

Do i hear Free Ice TEA???

Filipino Bloggers UNITE!!!

New(???) pinoy photos posted at Penoy Image Works.

Penoy is currently listening to Imago, Spolarium.


Anonymous said...

i could have been there.. savoring free food and drinks! lol

morofilm said...

i wrote my entry on the blogcon sans the photos. it was good to be there. until the 2nd blogcon!


yuga said...

Nice to know you guys had a great time! Hope to see you in future events as well.