Monday, September 18, 2006

Majika's Saladin

We went to Fantasy World in Lemery Batangas, popularly knowned as Saladin in GMA-7 telefantasia Majika.
The kids were so happy to see Saladin. The castle, Juno's house, the Liwasan, etc. Bad thing was that Fantasy World looks so real and amazing 5 years ago. It looks like Fantasy World have problems on their infrastructure. Unfinished paintings, broken windows/chairs/doors/roofs, unfinished rides, not so amazing gardens, etc. are only few things that i've noticed.
If you are not a member of Fantasy World they will collect P1000 per 10 persons as an entrace fee. Bad thing Majika will end soon.
No pictures??? sorry, i forgot to bring my camera... shhhessshhhhh....


Penoi is currently blasting his ears on the song of Guns N Roses, November Rain

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