Wednesday, March 21, 2007

300 Prepare for Glory

Ticket Saleslady: 300 sir???
Penoi: ang mahal naman ng sine ngayon.. P300 na!!!
Ticket Saleslady: hindi po.. kung 300 ang panonoorin nyo??
Penoi: ah.. oo.. isang ticket nga

300 is about the battle of 300 Spartan against the Persian army of more than one million, which inspires all of Greece to fight the Persian invaders.
What can you see in the movie?? Blood, blood, and more blood!!! of course boobs!!! no im not shocked with Queen gorgo's boobs(there's a love scene between King Leonidas and the queen).. but on the 300 Spartans boobs.. it looks like they were heading for a Beach Body contest.
Anyweiz, if you are fascinated by history, you will like this film.. or it will be just another popcorn movie..

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sarubesan said...

hahaha oo nga ang mahal ng 300pesos sa pelikulang 300..:p