Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Xen hangs my Linux server!!!

My officemate created a Xen Windows 2003 server virtual machine on one server. The virtual machine supposedly was configured to eat up 30GB of hard disk space but unknowingly it goes up to 85 Gb which eats up all of hd space and cause my server to hang.

I have to restart and fix all of MySQL table crashes. Here's a simple script that i created that will help me monitor my server's harddisk and mysql crash


#check harddisk space
date > serverhealth.log
echo "******** Disk Space **********" >> serverhealth.log
df -h >> serverhealth.log
echo "********Check Eventum database ***********" >> serverhealth.log
#check Mysql datase for errors
mysqlcheck -umysqluser -ppassword mysqldatabase >> serverhealth.log

SUBJECT=`hostname`" Automated Server Health Alert"


mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$TO" < /root/serverhealth.log

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