Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Penoi in Pune India

We are already here in Pune india for our training in Solaris. We took a 5-hour flight from Singapore to Mumbai.. and another 3-hour-lots-of-truck-on-the-road drive from Mumbai to Pune. Pune is very much like Manila. The main mode of trasportation here is motorcycle...A motorcycle cost more about 25,000 indian rupee roughly Php26,000.

Pune is entering its rainy season good thing i brought my umbrella. Im still adjusting to Indian food. :( how i miss San Antonio's lomi back in the Philippines.


rachel said...

hmm,.. ung lomi lng sa san antonio namiss mo?? e ung kasma mo pagnalolomi, hindi? :(

penoycentral said...

tinatanong pa ba yun.. syempre kasama ka... :)