Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mountain Dew, Lays, Notebook, ballpen, Laptop

Penoi Desk in India

Life is a non-stop learning. After being in the training center for 8 hours, i will still spend my night reading, taking notes and do simulation. On my desk, you will see my laptop, a bottle of Mountain Dew, Lays, notebook and my ballpen. Though its hard, i enjoy learning new things and comparing that information to the things that i already know. It feels like im back in college. Listening and completing every tasks of the program. We are almost done with our 3rd week of training.. Five weeks to go!!!!

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rachel said...

asus, nag-aaral lng ba talaga? baka naman nood movie ha... hehehe.. i'm proud of you... and i'm also counting the days... :D