Friday, October 24, 2008

Yahoo Mail Account hacked

My gf yahoo mail account was hacked. A friend of her chatted thru yahoo messenger and asking for a load. At first you will not notice the scam because the chat was in Tagalog (native language in the Philippines). And after that the hacker asked her to check a URL for him.

Yahoo account scam

The page looks like a yahoo mail login page. She then mistakenly entered her username and password.. and boom, her account was hacked.

The hacker then used my gf's yahoo account and chat her friends in yahoo messenger asking again for a load. After a series of conversation on one of her friends. A former officemate in Manila called her and asked if she were in the Philippines and if she is online on YM. They were puzzled why would she then asked for a cellphone load. Rachel notified me to check her Yahoo  but no avail, the hacker already changed the password.

I tried to reset the password but she forgot her alternate email. We called yahoo's customer service but they are already closed for the day.

We spent the night changing all of our account's password and calling friends not to chat her YM ID just to avert further damage.

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