Monday, June 14, 2010

Razer Mamba Gaming Mice for Fathers Day

Razer Mamba is one of the expensive gaming wireless mouse in the market. This is my wife's Father 's Day gift to me. I choose Mamba coz this is one of the insanely gadgets that i wish to have. Yes i'm insane coz i want a gaming mouse even im not a gamer at all. <grin laugh insert here>. Not familiar on 1ms polling rate etc but this is the best mouse i've ever used.

The Razer Gaming Mouse

Best packaging!!!! Razer Mamba complete package includes USB cable, Docking station, battery, razer sticker and manual

The mouse in action

Docking station and battery charger. Liked the blue light beneath the station.

Battery back cover. "For gamers by gamers"

Razer Mamba docked.

My Purchase Freebies:

Razer Sphex Gaming grade Desktop skin

Razer "Get Imba" Tshirt.

Back print

Razer Mamba Page and reviews:,2845,2345595,00.asp

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