Sunday, November 5, 2006

Looking back With my Life Influences

How did the world mold Penoi on the way he was now? Now lets take a glimpse of my life influences.

1. Mrs. Reyes - she was my teacher when im was in elementary. she opened my eyes on filipino cultural dances and the one who made me to dance "Maglalatik". Oo, Sexballs na ako noon pa.

2. Ely buendia and the eraserheads - Their songs were my emotional outlet during my high school days and until now. Just listening to "With a Smile" will flipped my emotions away. I still love Ely, hate the Mongols band.

3. The Youth and Wolfgang- During my rock n roll/punk rock band days, you see a lot of influences of the Youth and Wolfgang on how i play drums.

4. Raul Roco - he just have this political impact on me.

5. Rico Yan - he helped a lot of people. And i want to be remembered like that someday.

6. Sir (pastor ?) Mike - my spiritual adviser.

and the list goes on.. will update this entry for more Penoi Mentors...


Anonymous said...

"with a smile"...gusto ko rin 'yan, and Raul Roco...idol ko siya.. sayang lang he was not given a chance sa presidency tsk tsk.
Rico Yan...he touches many lives. noong buhay pa siya hindi ko naman siya pansin, pero umiyak ako noong mamatay siya... napanaginipan ko pa hehe...weird?

penoi said...

heheeh feeling claudine ka ba nona?? ano ba yan naging showbiz tau.. heheh