Monday, October 2, 2006

First Day on My New Work | My New Ipod Nano | Batangas Open Source Society

i have a new Ipod Nano which i bought on a reasonable price. Its has a 2Gb capacity. enough for my favorite mp3s.

its my first day on my new work. got a lot of adjustment on my working schedule, on how i do my work and on my day-to-day meal budget. I also have to support my former employer.


got a lot of personal problems last weekend. Binagyo ang Pilipinas... Binagyo din ang buhay ko. Anyways, God is Good All the Time.


I will visit tomorrow my former technical sideline. Have to check their mailserver and internet connection.


There's a lot of improvement on Batangas Open Source Society Tech Blog.


kukote said...

may bago nga sa BOSS... may Google Ads na. hahaha! Nagdonate ako ;)

penoi said...

hehehe salamas kukote

sarubesan said...

aba nga naman new interface! at may ads na rin! hehehe